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Dear Midas Pioneers,

After a deep and careful research of the Tomo mainnet and its masternode economic model, we have decided to use 85% of our TOMO fund to run Tomo masternodes; and the rest 15% to vote for our nodes and others (by an optimal solution being trained aggressively by our AI algorithm).

There will be 3 masternodes:

Name Candidate URL DC Location
Midas King I https://master.tomochain.com/candidate/0x9fb1073da57e5670ddf45c69cc94fcbe14188067 Singapore
Midas King II https://master.tomochain.com/candidate/0x8b99269ec1e6fd7cd67cf341725e3e4a7dacc1b6 Vietnam
Midas King III https://master.tomochain.com/candidate/0x126d7e9c0fca4fb8e7c6946fc721bb55b97aecb8 Japan

(All with the recommended hardware by Tomo: 16 core and 32GB RAM)

There will be 5 voters:

No Voter URL Capacity
Midas Voter 1 https://master.tomochain.com/voter/0xdc7101b0467811ae8c3d99c92646c6780b15ae2a 5,000 TOMO
Midas Voter 2 TBA 5,000 TOMO
Midas Voter 3 TBA 5,000 TOMO
Midas Voter 4 TBA 5,000 TOMO
Midas Voter 5 TBA 5,000 TOMO

Total TOMO tokens (for both masternodes and voters) is 175,000.

This funding amount is calculated based on the current price of both tokens (TOMO and MAS) and other factors such as masternode running costs and overall market condition.

Pioneers will have opportunities to withdraw their locked MAS tokens (if they are not satisfied with the plan) with no fee in one week from 01 Jan 2019 to 07 Jan 2019 (details will be announced later).

During this time there will be no option to deposit in. Hence the Pioneers who decide to keep their MAS locked will earn more than original (since the total pool balance is decreased).

Current ROI of Masternode is about 30%.
Current ROI of Voter is about 15%.

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