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The first step to NFT Asset Management on Midas Protocol Wallet

After the announcement of Strategic Partnership between Midas Protocol and Tomochain, we have been working tirelessly to support the development of Tomochain Ecosystem from supporting TOMO native coin on Midas Wallet, listing TOMO on Vinex Network, developing the first TRC20 token $MCASH, working in collaboration with Unidice to develop Tomodice and MCashDice decentralized gaming applications on top of Tomochain and embedded to Midas dApp browser.

It's time now for us to honor the people who have been contributing to Tomochain Development, from holders, masternode runners to dApp developers… Hence, we proudly present to you - Tomodome, the Hall of Fame to honor those people including our people at Midas Protocol, Vinex Network, Midas Foundation, Tomodice, MCashDice and more who will join us in this quest to change the world with Tomochain development.
The companies, teams, supporters … that are on the Tomodome Hall of Fame will be able to embed their brand and/or photo of choice together with a status on Tomochain blockchain, living together with the existence of the chain itself. On the dome, the brand/picture will be shown together with the Block number that store it together with the wallet associated with it.

Tomo holders' wallets will be scanned in real time and if it satisfies certain conditions, the Honor Badges will be shown.
There are six type of badges:

The Tomillionaire Badge: wallet having more than 1M TOMO
The Tominnovator Badge: dApp Dev team
The Tomo Master Badge: wallet of TOMO masternode runner
The King of Tomonode Badge: wallet of the No 1 voted Masternode
The Lucky Tomosapien Badge: wallet of those who win big on Tomodice and MCashDice.
Land Pixels on Tomodome will be sold at 1 $TOMO/Pixel with minimum purchase of 100 Pixels (10x10 Land). Each piece of Land is a Non Fungible Token on Tomochain and is tradable. This is the first step of Midas to incorporate NFT into Asset management for users so that users can manage not only their crypto but also future assets that are embedded with NFT. The rules of earning from Tomodome Land Sales and Resales are as follows.

Tomodome Sale, Affiliate & Staking Scheme

1st sale:

  • 10% sale amount goes to stake (shared to people who bought previously)
  • 20% (each half) goes to the buyer and orginal referrer (if no referrer this will be void)

Re-sale: (only start when all land are fully sold or on 21st April 2019, whichever comes first)

Land can be re-purchased for 1.35x of the purchased price. When this happens, the previous owner will earn back 100% of the TOMO tokens that they paid for it. The extra 35% splits:

  • 5% is trading fee (stay at tomodome)
  • The rest 30% will split to 3 parts:
    60% goes directly to the previous owner as profit
    30% goes to stake
    10% goes to the Original Referrer (if any - ie the original referrer will earn increasing commission for life-time and for every re-sale happened on Tomodome)

Rule of Earning from TomoDome land sales & resales

Scenario 1. [Alex] purchased land [L1] priced 400 TOMO with no referral

  • [Alex] paid 400 TOMO
  • [Alex] earned back 40 TOMO (stake)

Scenario 2. [Bob] purchased land [L2] priced 400 TOMO with referral by [Alex]

  • [Bob] paid 400 TOMO
  • [Alex] received 40 TOMO (half of affiliate commission)
  • [Bob] earned back 40 TOMO (half of affiliate commission)
  • [Alex] and [Bob] each earned back 20 TOMO (stake)

Scenario 3. [Bob] re-sold land [L2] to [Carol], priced 400 * 1.35 = 540 TOMO

  • [Carol] paid 540 TOMO
  • [Bob] received 400 TOMO (as they paid for the land previously)
  • [Bob] received 72 TOMO (400 * 30% * 60% - as profit)
  • [Alex] received 12 TOMO (400 * 30% * 10% - affiliate commission)
  • [Alex] and [Carol] received 36 TOMO (400 * 30% * 30% - stake):
    [Alex] received 36 * 42.5% = 15.3 TOMO
    [Carol] received 36 * 57.5% = 20.7 TOMO

[Bob] sold his last land then he had stop receiving stake. Finally he had 132 TOMO profit while he invested 400 TOMO with ROI = 33% with just one resale.

Beyond the Tomodome Land Sales Stake Earnings, Resales Profits, Orgininal Referral Earnings, Tomodome Land owners also automatically enrolled into the Weekly Lucky Draw of 888 TOMO Prize for 88 consecutive weeks. The lucky draw will be decided based on the 3 block hashes at the first epoch mined after the midnight every Sunday (00:00 am GMT+8).

Tomodice (https://www.tomodice.com), the first Gaming dApp on Tomochain, has also decided to give 1% out of their 3.8% house edge earnings from its gaming platform to be shared to Tomodome proud land owners from the date that the Resale Market Open (effective from 21/04/2019 or when land fully sold, whichever comes first).

Additionally, when Tomobowl is out in May 2019, they will also keep a portion of earnings to share with the Tomodome Citizens. Details will be announced in April 2019.

This will give Tomodome Citizens income for life.

And this is not only Passive Income, the more you share about Tomodice, Tomobowl and more people come to play on our platform, the more you earn your income. Hence this is also Active Income. This profit sharing income is in addition to the Original Referral Commission that players on Tomodice already enjoy.

The Tomodome Ownership Cert (TOC) will also be included in the Asset Management on Midas Protocol Wallet for ease of receiving stake reward, buy and sell TOC easily when the Land Resale Market open.

Stay tuned & Join us to celebrate TomoChain ecosystem at Tomodome.com from 12:00 GMT + 8, on the 21st March 2019. Tomodome will be first open for booking on the site: https://tomodome.com (only signing to book land plots but not accepting payment yet).

On 23rd March 12:00 GMT+8, sales will be open for public.

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  • Original Referrer is the one who first refers someone to buy a plot of land
  • We don't have referral scheme for land resales
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