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TOMODOME - The Dream Land that brings income for life


As previously announced, Tomodome Land Owners (400 pixels and above) have many incentives including stakes from land sales, referral earnings, capital gain from land resales, marketing use for branding and weekly lucky draw etc.

Yet, that’s not the end. There is more.

Tomodice (https://www.tomodice.com), the first Gaming dApp on Tomochain, has decided to give 1% out of their 3.8% house edge earnings from its gaming platform to be shared to Tomodome proud land owners from the date that the Resale Market Open (effective from 21/04/2019 or when land fully sold, whichever comes first).
Additionally, when Tomobowl is out in May 2019, they will also keep a portion of earnings to share with the Tomodome Citizens. Details will be announced in April 2019.

Average wagers from Tomodice is 1,000,000 monthly, which means 1% edge to share to Tomodome owners is 10,000 monthly.

This will give Tomodome Citizens income for life.

And this is not only Passive Income, the more you share about Tomodice, Tomobowl and more people come to play on our platform, the more you earn your income. Hence this is also Active Income. This profit sharing income is in addition to the Referral Commission that players on Tomodice already enjoy.

The Tomodome Ownership Cert (TOC) will also be included in the Asset Management on Midas Protocol Wallet for ease of receiving stake reward, buy and sell TOC easily when the Land Resale Market open.

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TOMODOME - The Dream Land that brings income for life
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