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Treechain Network and Midas / MCashChain signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement


Singapore, 24th July 2019,

TreeChain Network is a global project established in December 2017 in Australia. The mission of TreeChain Network is to: Protect the condition of the primary forest system, Develop a tree network throughout the Earth & Create a balance ecosystem between humankind and nature.
By 2030, the TreeChain Network aim to plant 11 billion new trees, and digitizing more than 1,500 billion trees globally (10% of trees on Earth). The different between Treechain Network and other organisations is the strategy of combining and balancing volunteer movements with social investment resources (finance, technology, real estate, tourism) to achieve a shared long-term vision. Any individual or organization participates in the TreeChain Network will be able to enjoy the physical and mental benefits. Those will contribute to the sustainable development of the TreeChain Network.


MCashChain is a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. MCashChain will have the most aspired characters for high throughput dApps required by Midas Ecosystem and our dApps extension allies. By learning from all existing dPos Chains, MCashChain eliminates the pain points, and the instability of previous chains developed. 10k TPS with LightningSend feature enabled since the 1st day, 3-second block confirmation time, zero-fee for ordinary users, fully integrated with a larger Midas ecosystem, including Midas Wallet, Vinex.Network exchange and cross-chain exchange UniDex.


TreeChain and Midas Protocol has entered into a partnership as follows:

  1. TreeCoin to be issued on MCashChain
  2. Treechain donation wallet to integrate directly on Midas Wallet for ease of donation and joint campaign run by both organizations.
  3. TreeCoin to be listed on Vinex Network and UniDex
  4. TreeCoin Supernode to generate passive income for the tree planting (Up to 4 Supernodes)
  5. TreeCoin to be fully integrated on MCashPay
  6. dApp development for Virtual Tree Planting Game on MCashChain and run directly from Midas dApp Store browser
  7. MCashPay with TreeCoin will enable spending of TreeCoin on C-Commerce and any platform that works with MCashPay

Mr. Thanh Le, CIO of MCashChain, Co-founder of CocCoc commented: “This partnership is the showcase of the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to drive green efforts towards the future. Together, we will Make the Earth Green Again”

Mr. Bryant T. Nguyen, Co-founder & CEO at TreeChain Network added: “We have analyzed a lot of blockchain platforms before signing this historic cooperation with Midas Protocol. We hope this strong cooperation will help billions of new trees will be planted & protected by the technology platform developed between us.”

TreeChain Ecosystem:

Midas Wallet and MCashChain ecosystem:

Treechain Network and Midas / MCashChain signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement
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