Vinex Network and MAS Growth Strategy

MAS is utility token using in Midas Ecosystem including the future subscription package in Midas Wallet and exchange base token for Vinex Network crypto exchange. So far we have not published Vinex Network’s coin selection criteria and listing procedure. Today, we will unveil the current portfolio and the future community involvement in the listing process.

Unlike many other crypto exchanges who take listing fees and list just any coins, Vinex Network from the beginning have selected many special coins based on their technical innovation & merits. Our selection was largely based on 2 perspectives:

Undoubtedly, the implementation of listing those innovative coins/tokens has required lots of dedication and technical know-how from our tech team. And as a result, Vinex Network has been recognized for it unique vision & mission in this crowded crypto exchange space.

Alongside building great products, we never forget it’s our responsibility to protect and put $MAS token holders’ interest first. In order to do that, there are a few things that we are looking at implementing in the short term.

Now is the time that MAS Utility comes to play its part in building community, encouraging traders from all over the globe to move to Vinex to trade. In turn, earning from Vinex will be used to buy MAS from the market to burn, bringing long term growth of MAS price. MAS, having its own exchange, will start to grow mainly on Vinex Network.
Hence, it will not be a surprise if we delist on several exchanges with low volume in order to consolidate and grow MAS in our home-grown Vinex. When MAS is well consolidated in volume and when the demand for MAS comes from not only trading activity on Vinex but also from the new downloads and new users of Midas Wallet, the value will then be reflected in the price growth. At some point, major exchanges will autonomously list MAS without much listing cost.
Furthermore, we always put MAS token holders' interest first, whatever the strategy that Vinex implements, it will strive to increase $MAS value, cut down costs, avoid fake listing/volume associated with fake exchanges. We pledge to continuously improve user experience, security & other benefits through working with reputable partners such as Sentinel Protocol.
(Midas wallet showcase at Deconomy 2019)

We shall continue to build a complete, synergized, harmonious and self-sustained ecosystem with MAS as a Vinex base token. In the time to come, by entering many alliances in Singapore and Korea, Vinex will start to feature itself as a key player in the exchange marketplace.

From Midas & Vinex Team

Vinex Network and MAS Growth Strategy
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