Vinex Network Public Beta Opening Announcement


Following our Vinex Network Testnet Alpha released on 08th August 2018 and Midas Protocol Wallet Alpha-1 release on 20th September 2018, we’re excited to announce that Vinex Network Public Beta will be opened to public on 30th September.

In this public beta version of Vinex Network, we will have:

  1. Support mainnet BTC, ETH and MAS. USDT and TUSD will be added soon

  2. New user interface and UX

  3. Improved performance

  4. Trading fee:
    Water testing period:
         Taker fee = Maker fee = 0.1%
         No Locking, Pioneers 50% discount on trading fee for life (0.05%)

    From the 07/10:
         Pioneers Lock 5000 MAS : free trading fee (locking 90 days, renewable)
         Others Lock 10,000 MAS: free trading fee (locking 90 days, renewable)

    Vinex Network Fiat OTC for selected Testing Pioneers

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Vinex Network Public Beta Opening Announcement
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