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Watch — Share — Earn with Midas wallet Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is one of the unique and outstanding features of Midas Protocol Wallet. Thousands of Midas Protocol users have received cryptocurrencies/tokens on a daily basis with only 3 simple steps in 5 seconds — open the app — hit the wheel — claim gifts.

Everyday every Midas Protocol user will get 1 free wheel spin. Each spin is guaranteed to give users 1 reward, which are coins/tokens of Midas ecosystem and our partners.

In Midas Protocol’s upgraded version 1.8.4 (download the latest version here), Lucky Wheel has added some new features.

Getting 1 bonus wheel spin simply by Sharing on Twitter
Hit the button “Share to Twitter” in order to “brag” with your friends about the prizes you just claimed.
The additional spins will be given to users at the following time slots:
On the condition that users have shared it before.


  1. Each user can only get at most 1 additional spin for sharing at o’clock hours.
    For example: If the user share to Twitter at 4:25, the bonus wheel spin will be added at 5 o’clock.
  2. The default content must not be edited when sharing.

Watch ads to get 1 additional wheel spin or claim more prizes

  • Everyday users can watch ads to get 1 additional free spin or double their prizes.
  • If the user chooses to get 1 additional wheel spin, it will be added after the user finishes watching ads.
  • If the user chooses to double their prizes, they will automatically be able to hit the Lucky Wheel for one more time after finishing watching ads, and the prizes gotten will be doubled.


  • Users can only watch at most 2 ads everyday. After that, the option to watch ads will temporarily disappear.
  • Users can only choose to double their prizes when they have at least 1 wheel spin left to play after finishing watching ads
  • At 12:00am UTC everyday, the ads-watching option will be back.
  • The number of ads-watching spins cannot be accumulated.

With these new features of Lucky Wheel, Midas Protocol aims to give users more rewards. Each user can get up to 4 additional wheel spins everyday.

Share this with your friends to get more wheel spins and free cryptocurrencies/tokens with the Midas Protocol Lucky Wheel.

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🌟 https://mcash.eco/

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Watch — Share — Earn with Midas wallet Lucky Wheel
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