Midas Pioneers & Mcashchain Node Owners - Your Rewards Awaits You

Dear Midas Pioneers and Mcashchain Node Owners,

To celebrate Midas Protocol 2nd Anniversary - 1 July 2020 and Mcashchain 1st Anniversary - 26 June 2020, we would like to introduce a series of rewards to honor your loyal support over past 2 years which greatly contributed to Midas Ecosystem growth.


First, we are pleased to announce that the earnings from 2 pieces of Midas Pioneers Land on Staking Dome will be distributed to all Midas Pioneers by tracking their MPION NFT. Please note that Midas Strength is still being tracked via your Pioneer wallet to determine the reward stake. This means that Pioneers may not receive the reward in their Pioneer wallet if they choose to keep their MPION NFT in another wallet.

Second, we are happy to offer 10 free spins for all Midas Pioneers. On 1st of July, all wallets associated with Midas ID of Pioneers will automatically have 10 free spins on Midas wallet Lucky Wheel


Third, we are thrilled to give all Mcashchain Node owners a MCash Anniversary gift on 26 June 2020 according to their node level. The Mcash Gift will be sent directly to their staking wallet:

  • Master Node: 88,888 Mcash
  • Jedi Node: 4,888 Mcash
  • Guardian Node: 288 Mcash
  • Warrior Node: 48 Mcash
  • Apprentice Node: 18 Mcash


Find out more on Midas ecosystem:

Midas Pioneers & Mcashchain Node Owners - Your Rewards Awaits You
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